Waft app allows to choose a personal fragrance depending on a person’s mood, lifestyle & their preferences in aromas.

User flow & Layouts

Smooth app flow leads a user through the process of creating their own fragrance step by step with a convenient navigation.


Since this is not an abstract product on the internet, and the end result users receive. We also needed to develop a unique branding for the product.

Fragrance type

The design of each step was created to help a user make his choice through attractive images which express moods and create catchy visual metaphors.

Choose ingredients

Once these steps are finished it’s time to select preferable ingredients. Moving from one type to another the user can choose among florals, fruit, fragrance of nature oan even spices.

Design the Bottle

The finishing touch of the fragrance withard is an opportunity to design a custom bottle - the user can give his fragrance a name and add small description.

Landing page

We’ve also created a landing page for the fragrance wizard.


This project was developed from design to deploy. During preparing the design, we have decided with deployment platform and choosing the AWS, immediately was created the CI/CD platform to make the development process easier and deliver changes to the customer, as far as it’s done.

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