Smart Mirror

Our client came to us with an idea to build an AR based product which could be easily adapted to any retail business, brand or product line.

User flow

The user flow is designed smooth and intuitive, the user can get info about the product and try it on in a few steps.

Logo & icon

Minimalistic line icon, which is easily assosiated with mirror.


Being added to the app, small tips simultaneously help users move through the app and take a brief look at its functionality.

Augmented reality

Simple and attractive, the app helps in-store consultants to strengthen and enliven communication with customers.

Try it on!

Face recognition and AR tools allow to try range of products without applying them to the face.

Voice Assistant

The voice assistant helps user to navigate the products, check their’ availability and location in the store. Apart from the voice support, the assistant displays all the information related to the product.


We’ve created simple and attractive design and POS for Smart Mirror app. Check out over cases on Behance & Dribbble.

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