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7 benefits of hiring a full-service software development company for your project


Kirill Karahainko




Jun 25, 2020

When you have a fantastic product idea in place backed up by a detailed business plan and good investment, the only thing left is to act.

At first sight, everything looks simple: you create an awesome design for your product, hire a strong team of software engineers proficient in all the latest technologies, initiate the development phase, and work on your product.

But how will you make sure your contractors are synchronized? Will they have a single vision in mind? Here is where full-services software development companies come in handy.

Instead of wasting your time and resources on hiring freelancers or choosing between various outsourcing service providers, delegate this task to a reliable full-service vendor. As a rule, such companies have a rich talent pool of designers and developers with vast expertise in different industries to provide high-quality services.

Not to waste our breath, we compiled a list of top 7 benefits of hiring a full-service agency that will encourage you to act right now!

1. Finding a vast talent pool under one roof

When it comes to recruiting, finding developers with the necessary skillset and expertise is the primary challenge business owners face while assembling a team. Hiring experienced software engineers to your company might appear to be quite a pricy venture. Therefore, you’ll need to find contractors who’ll be able to provide you with quality services.

That’s why choosing a full-service software development company might be beneficial to startups and SME businesses. Such agencies can provide you with a big talent pool of engineers so that you can avoid wasting time on a long-lasting recruitment process. 

2. Streamlined communication with your team

If you have some experience with managing a distributed team, you know how much time and effort communication takes. Like in any other business, managing your outsourcing team might get a bit busy at times.

When you have both on-site and offshore employees working on your project, you’ll need to allocate much time and effort to make sure things are done. Your teammates might fail to synchronize their development cycles, which will lead to communication breakdown and significantly delay the product launch.

By opting for a full-service software development company, you mitigate risks and make sure your contractors have a single vision in mind. They have already worked together on other projects and know how to deal with challenges when they arise.

Besides, you will have a single project manager, who provides you with regular updates. So, you are always aware of what’s happening on your project at every stage of the development process. 

3. Clear timelines 

One of the benefits of full-service agencies is their ability to meet deadlines. When you hire an in-house team, you have a certain timeline and plan you’re going to follow. But, as a rule, you cannot predict how much time you’ll need for each phase. 

All vendors care about their reputation, so they will strive to deliver your product on time and at a high quality. Furthermore, full-services software development companies have already completed hundreds of projects in different industries and know how much time they need for each development stage. 

Therefore, when you reach out to such an agency, they will carry out a profound analysis of your idea and come up with an accurate estimation. It will provide you with a clear picture in mind and help to plan your resources wisely. 

4. One training period

Onboarding is one of the most resource-consuming processes in a company. When a new employee joins your team, he/she will need some time to adapt to a new environment and learn more about your product. 

Also, as a business owner, you might want to get full advantage of the probationary period to see whether the employee’s skills match the open position. It not only takes up your precious time but also consumes valuable resources of the company. 

With a full-service software development company, you have nothing to worry about. Your team has one training period, during which they have a chance to show their full potential and demonstrate the results of their work. If a new member joins the team, all the employee’s needs for adaptation and training are covered by your vendor. 

5. Technical consistency

Technical consistency is one of the core benefits of full-service agencies. When you choose to build a product with your outsourcing partners, there are two main ways you might follow. 

You can create an appealing design that aligns with your users’ needs and wants and then address a software development service provider to build an MVP or a full-fledged product. However, you can choose to do the job with one company to avoid technical discrepancies.

There is a common misconception that design and development teams come from two different worlds. One might think they work separately and rarely communicate with each other. 

But it is not always true. If you want to build a user-friendly product free from bugs and inefficiency, collaboration is a key to successful results. Developers will need to communicate with the design team regularly to be sure they meet all the requirements. 

That is why choosing a full-service software development company will benefit both a client and a vendor. 

6. A smooth workflow and scalability

One of the benefits of a full-service agency is that they have reliable processes. In a fast-paced environment where developers have to switch from one project to another quickly, it is important to make sure nothing will disrupt their workflow. 

Therefore, employees in full-service software development companies always follow the process, which helps to prevent risks and decrease the possibility of errors. 

Furthermore, if you decide to make changes to your product at some stage of the development process, be sure your partner will quickly find the way out. You always have the possibility to scale your team. Such companies have a bigger talent pool, so they are always ready to meet your custom business needs. 

7. Full control over the process with minimum effort

Another benefit of hiring a full-service agency is maintaining full control over the development process with minimum effort. If you are a busy entrepreneur with lots of tasks and deadlines, keeping an eye on the progress might appear to be a challenging task. 

Having two distributed teams in different companies or even countries is problematic as you cannot keep track of all the changes your employees make to the product. 

Since you delegate a share of managerial responsibilities to a dedicated project manager, you are sure to get updates timely. You don't need to remind your team about the deadlines and speed them up. The project manager keeps track of the process and makes sure any blockers or issues won’t prevent your team from delivering the product on time. 

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