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Web development trends for 2020: less hype, more performance


Oleg Menteshashvili




Oct 21, 2020

Standards in web development change in no time, which often makes it challenging for small and medium-size businesses to stay ahead of the game. If something was great yesterday, tomorrow it might already be outdated. 

Thus, keeping an eye on the latest website development trends and implementing them timely is what makes a company successful and allows it to operate on the edge of the industry. 

For those who are not ready to compromise on quality and want to stay ahead of the competition, we compiled a list of the top web development trends.

Top 9 web development trends to apply in 2020 and years to come

#1 web development trend. AI and cybersecurity

According to the latest figures presented by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 67% of businesses in the US detected at least one cybercrime, and nearly 60% of respondents detected one or more cybercrimes. 

These figures clearly show that the problem remains relevant to organizations of all sizes and in different sectors. And when it comes to discussing website development trends, security and privacy of data is something that cannot be omitted. 

Artificial intelligence, along with machine learning, has come a long way to helping companies fight cybercrime. These innovative technologies have been introduced to analyze users’ behavior patterns, identify all sorts of vulnerabilities, and inform when abnormalities are found.

So, before you get down to building your next killer web app, make sure you take care of data security to align with the core web development trends. 

#2 web development trend. Motion UI

When we talk about trends in web development, we must mention design. A good design is what makes your website stunning and appealing to your target audience. But what can be better than a good design? Motion UI!

If you don’t know how to make your stories more vivid, this is the right tool that will equip you with all the necessary instruments to boost user engagement and reduce the bounce rate. 

Animated objects, flawless UX, and interactive elements will help you enhance usability and change the way you approach web development. 

#3 web development trend. Blockchain

Although blockchain is no longer a new tech in the world of IT, it is still one of the most promising web app development trends in 2020. The opportunities it delivers to businesses and users are hard to overestimate. 

By building transparent and reliable systems, companies can disrupt markets with innovative products that meet their demand among users.

#4 web development trend. Video backgrounds

If you want to grab your users' attention as soon as they access your website, you should try using a video background. A visually appealing video is an excellent way to present your product and service, which provides your users with all the necessary information in a few seconds!

Video backgrounds have become a growing trend in web development that continues to progress. Some designers go even further by creating Bluray-like experiences. They work on interaction menus, ensure soft transitions, and add particular elements to strengthen the effect achieved by background videos. This can be achieved with Flash or HTML5. 

#5 web development trend. Single e-commerce framework

An e-commerce framework is commonly defined as a software framework for building e-commerce applications. They offer an environment for building web apps quickly and flawlessly. 

When it comes to choosing the tech stack for your projects, most clients feel puzzled. The modern software development market is flooded with various tools used to build websites of different complexity. However, with such diverse technologies, choosing the most suitable for your product might be challenging. 

In 2020-2021, experts advise choosing a single e-commerce framework for web development. This step will help you avoid extra costs and speed up your software development process. 

#6 web development trend. AR/VR

You don’t need any special hardware to get amazing AR & VR experiences. With all the capabilities mixed reality delivers, it remains to be a leading trend in web development. Businesses use AR and VR techs to boost user experience, making it easier for companies to convert website visitors into buyers.

E-commerce businesses are already using augmented reality, helping customers choose their products with a camera on a smartphone. Virtual dressing rooms are highly popular since they provide realistic experiences while allowing customers to stay at their homes. 

#7 web development trend. Single-page websites

A single page application is a great tool that provides users with a seamless experience while allowing you to manage content smoothly and flawlessly. The main idea behind SPA (or a single page application) is that the main part of the content stays the same, and only a share of it is updated on the web page. 

Since single-page applications are convenient, easy-to-use, and fast-to-load, they will definitely remain among the top web development trends in the coming years! 

#8 web development trend. Progressive web apps

As there is a great variety of explanations for a “progressive web app,” it is pretty challenging to come up with a single definition. 

Developers would probably deep dive into technical details to explain the difference between a simple web app and a progressive one. 

But basically, these are web apps that are enriched with native-app features, such as online support, installation, or push notifications.

If you’ve been wondering why PWA is among web app development trends, just have a look at its core principles that make a progressive web application: 

  • discoverable;
  • re-engeable;
  • responsive;
  • network independent;
  • progressive;
  • align with the best practices;
  • and have a responsive design.

Such software will appeal to your audience and boost engagement, which makes it one of the main web development trends in 2020.

#9 web development trend. Voice search optimization 

Voice assistants have been among the top trends in web development for a while now. When Siri was released on the market in 2011, it was such a cool tool to test out with funny responses. A few predicted this tool would become a dominating trend, which would change the way we search for information.

Currently, more than 500 million people in the world are using Siri to help them find their devices, choose the venue for an evening party or book a meeting in the calendar. And ranking high on those requests means you make it easier for your audience to find your website. By optimizing your content to voice search results, you optimize the process and provide your target audience with the answers. 

Thus, voice search optimization is also on our list of the leading web development trends in 2020-2021.

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