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Redesign the brand identity: we’re showing by our example


Maria Nikolava




Feb 13, 2020

We are a digital agency that works with clients around the world. For three years of work, we have changed the vision of the business and formed a more detailed portrait of the target audience. We realized that the time had come to make our brand identity more modern, innovative, and customer-oriented.

This is our logo in 2017

Our task is to increase brand awareness. The style should be made as simple as possible, but original and catchy. In the new style, we need to reflect our core competencies: smart design and complex custom development. Let’s take a look at how we did it.



  • increase brand awareness of the “Mentalstack”;
  • adapt branding to the target audience of the company;
  • make the new branding more modern and innovative.


Emphasis on manufacturability, wide technological stack, and custom design.

Target audience

Startups, small and medium businesses, and enterprises.

Big idea

Disruptive development & design.

Choice of color solution

For the new corporate identity, we chose three color options:

—  Purple.  It’s an innovative, youth color, which rarely used in the branding of IT-companies. For the transfer of manufacturability and reliability, they often choose blue. We took from the same palette a more fresh and unpopular color.

—  Yellow.  It’s soft. It goes well with purple. It speaks about the care and long-term relationships that we build with customers.

—  Black and white version.  Minimalism and classic. Reflects the rigor and professional approach.

Concept development

First iteration

To begin with, we worked out the idea of transferring the technological stack. We have three main areas: web, mobile, and design. We need it to convey to the audience.

The basis we took the first letters of the name “Me.” This idea strengthened the association with the company and made it possible to play on words — “Take Me,” “You are with Me,” “Share Me” and so on.

Second iteration

We had an idea to use lettering as a logo. It causes a strong association with custom design, as well as family, long-term relationships between customers and employees of the company. The last option was chosen as the most subtle, elegant, and accurately conveys the idea.

The lettering is well associated with custom design, so we decided to combine it with the strict and minimalist inscription “Mentalstack,” which will emphasize workability and reflect another of our competencies — complex development. We chose the font “Din Condensed,” Normal and Light.

Final option

Then we started working on the colors, fonts, and corporate blocks and choose the most appropriate options.

Development of merch and POS materials

We decided to start with a starter pack for our employees — the design of notebooks, pens, backpacks, mugs, T-shirts, hoodies, badges, and stickers. We have worked to ensure that each thing turned out to be complete and look modern. That’s what we did.

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