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Top 10 mobile app development trends to implement in 2021


Artem Kovalev




Apr 6, 2021

The mobile app development market changes rapidly, offering more advanced, user-centric, and business-specific solutions. Like other industries, it’s shaped by the application development trends that businesses implement to increase their value, optimize workflows, and deliver cutting-edge experiences to their users.

In some ways, following mobile app development trends equals staying competitive, so let’s find out which of them are dominating the mobile app market this year. 

App development trends to keep in mind this year

Below are the most prominent mobile app trends for you to choose from when launching a startup or creating a mobile solution for your ongoing business. 

1. 5G technology

5G is the technology that is already here, and when it comes to mobile app trends, 5G is. Since 5G streamlines data transfer, making it instant and safe, there is reason to believe that more and more technologies that need these capabilities will be created this year.

Smart cities are the simplest examples of 5G utilization, although it is far from the latest way to apply 5G. It’s also expected to power telemedicine, remote surgery, drone delivery, industrial IoT, and more.

2. Beacon technology

Beacon technology isn’t a new invention. It is widely used in e-commerce for attracting potential customers who are in close proximity to the physical point of sale. 

However, it’s going to be applied quite differently in 2021. Experts predict that beacon technology is promising for dealing with the pandemic and the corresponding restrictions. For example, with its help, it is possible to track communication touchpoints between healthy and infected people and monitor the observance of social distancing by employees. Beacon-powered solutions are likely to become one of the most in-demand application trends.

3. Cloud services

The pandemic has forced businesses to go online, which means business owners are now forced to solve work problems in other ways. Cloud services for data storage, collaboration, and money transfer are now used by both large and small businesses. 

As one of the most secure technologies for storing data, perhaps with the exception of blockchain, cloud applications will be especially popular this year and beyond. Companies will increasingly resort to deploying cloud infrastructures in private clouds.

4. Superior app security

Mobile app security is an important concern, and dealing with it is like a cat and mouse game. The advanced security practices developers implement trigger fraudsters and data hackers to come up with new ways to overcome them.

2021 is expected to be the year of top-notch mobile app security. Since enterprise mobile app development is one more application trend, there is a clear need for business data protection. 

There is also a need to eliminate the most serious data security threat — human error. When most workers do their jobs remotely and use enterprise mobile apps, it is better to embed data protection technologies from the very beginning to save the business from human neglect.

Encrypted and instantly deleted chats and applications powered by blockchain are some of the examples of more secure mobile apps. 

5. Apps for wearable devices

Wearable devices are quite popular and advanced. Due to the pandemic, most people are taking better care of their health, and wearables are great tools for this purpose. They're powered by AI, Bluetooth, NFC, and other technologies for the ultimate user experience.  

Thus, in 2021, software created for wearable devices becomes a real app development trend that will grow to satisfy users' demand to stay updated on their health. 

6. AI & chatbots

Artificial intelligence and chatbots have been trendy for several years already. In 2021, chatbots will become even smarter, and their capabilities will go beyond answering simple questions. They will become the hallmark of conversation in e-commerce. This is the emerging approach to online shopping that allows users to talk to brands directly and have meaningful conversations before making a purchase. 

As for AI, it is forecasted to be the future of mobile app development and expand its influence. In conjunction with IoT, AI can be effectively used in the production processes, ensuring quality control and waste reduction. Companies are also going to benefit from predictive and preventive maintenance, advanced data analysis, users’ behavior insights, and advanced forecasting. 

7. Apps for flip phones

Flip phones are predicted to make a comeback and become trendy devices again. Surely, they will come with more advanced functionality and provide the experience of using a “baby laptop” — a device with many laptop features that will fit in your pocket.

Because of the specific design of such devices, in 2021, the developers will try new approaches to UI and UX, looking for ways to make the flip phone’s usage even more effective. If such devices manage to conquer the market, software for flip phones will become one more app trend and possibly the future of mobile app development. 

8. Android instant apps

The competition in the modern mobile apps market is growing, and digital brands are looking for new ways to grab users’ attention and make them choose their solutions.

Android instant apps are perfect for this purpose. Their main advantage is the opportunity to try them instantly, without the necessity of downloading and installing software. That is, they take the form of instant demo versions the user may test and decide if they’d like to use in the future. 

9. Internet of Things

Software development for the Internet of Things is the next new technology app trend that is here to stay. In 2021, IoT solutions are going to penetrate even more deeply, making the Internet of Everything a reality. 

This year, experts talk about their applications in the production processes and in households that have become even more advanced. We may expect more smart homes and connected devices, but the highest bets are made on the development of smart cities.

5G penetration will streamline the process of developing smart cities and create the corresponding mobile solutions for cities’ residents. 

10. Augmented Reality

Since most shoppers around the world are currently deprived of the opportunity to visit physical stores and try on the things they like, they prefer a more interactive and safe online experience from the brands they choose.

Augmented reality is a great tool to do it. Being embedded in a mobile app, it becomes a powerful sales-boosting tool, and when combined with AI and its smart suggestions, it provides the opportunity to fit users’ preferences even more accurately. 

While this approach was successfully used by IKEA, H&M, Nike, and other big brands, it will become one of the most prominent application development trends in 2021. 

Other AR-powered apps like beauty filtering or face swap solutions will also be trending because of the growing popularity of social media and the users’ desire to have fun. 


Feel like any of the mobile app trends we have listed perfectly fit your business growth strategy? We are here to help create a profitable mobile app solution powered by any of these modern technologies. You are welcome to get in touch with us for advice on the ways to expertly match tech fashion with your current business needs!

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