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Fascinating 5G use cases: how this new technology will change our lives


Kirill Karahainko




Jul 22, 2020

5G is the new black in the world of information technologies. These days there is a lot of hype around this tech. While some practitioners see it as a logical evolution of telecommunications, others believe it is a real breakthrough that is going to change all industries with no exception.

More than 79% of businesses in a study by Accenture recognized the potential of this new technology to impact their spheres and think it will bring significant changes to the global market.

No matter which group you belong to, there is no doubt that 5G’s increased speed, latency reduction, and improved consistency can benefit companies in all business sectors.

Driverless cars, smart IoT devices, and advancements in telemedicine are all byproducts of this evolving 5G revolution.

Since 5G can open up impressive opportunities for your business, it is wise to learn more about this tech and explore the top 5G use cases.

5G use cases that will blow your mind

1. Smart IoT solutions

The applications of 5G in IoT are almost limitless! This smart technology will change the way we perform daily tasks, work, or even live. The most widespread 5G IoT use cases include smart cities, industrial automation, contactless payment services, data management systems, etc. 

Furthermore, the massive adoption of 5G will trigger an unprecedented growth in connected IoT devices. Trackers, sensors, and wearables will become irreplaceable products for all users. With new features and better connectivity, they will substitute many devices we have today. 

Apart from advancements in better connectivity, successful 5G IoT use cases can be observed in the field of safety and public security. 

By enabling data transmission between devices and bidirectional communication from one vehicle to another, new systems will be able to detect movement, predict risks and cause cars to react as needed. 

Thus, such systems will reduce the number of accidents on the roads and make traffic safer. 

2. Driverless cars and other logistics

Automotive vehicles can be categorized as one of the top 5G use cases. It is a dream of every driver to have a car that can build routes independently, spot traffic signs, and drive the vehicle without any human effort. 

The first steps to introducing driverless cars to the broader audience have already been made and 5G networks might become a real trigger for the development of logistics.

5G technology will enable the vehicle to respond 10 times faster to objects and changes on the road. It means driverless rides will be safer for drivers and other road users.

3. AR & VR software

Impressive 5G applications can also be witnessed in the AR & VR field. 5G makes immersive experiences more accessible to a broader audience. 

The recent study of Nokia has revealed that 55% of surveyed executives believe 5G will enhance AR & VR software development and reduce the cost of headset production.

Thus, the new technology will eliminate the need for data processing right from the hardware, which will make the equipment lighter and easier to produce. 

Moreover, due to its low latency, 5G can provide users with a more fascinating and interactive AR & VR experience. This technology can make VR and AR software more applicable to such fields as healthcare or manufacturing. 

For instance, an engineer equipped with 5G goggles is way more productive as he/she can spot inefficiencies faster, provide more precise instructions, and predict hazards quicker. 

4. Gaming and streaming 

The advantages of 5G for the gaming industry are obvious. With its improved speed and lower latency, 5G will bring streaming services to a whole new level by making infrastructure closer to its user. 

Currently, the game industry faces a crisis due to the lack of standalone networks that could provide their audience with a brand-new experience. 

But when 5G steps in the game, it will mark a breakthrough in the field, making streaming and gaming more accessible to all people.

Another challenge that is holding game companies from reaching their full potential is the amount of bandwidth it takes to stream content in HD. 

Game producers strive to provide their audience with a realistic experience where they can interact with the characters and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game. 

This won’t be an issue with 5G, as this technology will allow companies to transmit a large amount of data without compromising the quality.

With all the advantages 5G delivers, the game industry might experience its “golden age” soon.

5. Downloading

Fascinating movie but need to wait hours until it is downloaded? That might be frustrating and even irritating.

But with the lightning speed of 5G, that is no longer a problem as it offers faster average speed than Wifi in most countries. 

Experts believe it is one of the most important 5G use cases as it will enhance the user experience and make browsing websites easier and more enjoyable. 

However, Internet speed might vary depending on a number of factors, including the number of users on the networks and the way operators design those networks. 

6. Advancements in telemedicine

5G applications and advantages are not limited to transportation and IoT. The most prominent 5G use cases can be found in telemedicine. 

With all the advantages of 5G, healthcare providers will offer better remote diagnosis and monitoring. Mobile networks might handle medical appointments, providing improved customer services, and better productivity.

A number of stars have already started experimenting on how 5G can help people with disabilities to get medical care. More patients will have access to specialists they could not reach before, which will positively affect the state of public health in the country.

Thus, all these advantages of 5G technologies will improve the quality of life among citizens and help all members of society to get quality healthcare services. 

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