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7 lucrative benefits of good UX design for your business


Julia Svetleishaya




Jul 13, 2021

First impressions are important for exceptional website design and user experience! People can form an opinion about your website in less than 0.05 seconds . Those initial 0.05 seconds will influence whether or not they stay on your website – or go. With one trillion dollars spent on software development each year, user experience problems account for 3 of the 12 reasons why projects fail

When building a good UX design, you not only prevent your project from failing but also gain some essential business advantages. Are you wondering what those advantages are? Read on.

What is UX design?

To start diving into the benefits of UX for business, make sure you understand the UX design definition.

UX (user experience) design is aimed at developing a product with great usability and navigation so that users have a clear and convenient interaction with it. It is a very diverse field that combines elements of psychology, branding, market research, design, and technology. Methods for creating UX designs are based on an examination of the client's needs and expectations with the company's service or product.

Thus, your enterprise’s UX design deserves special attention. If you offer great UX to your visitors and potential customers, you will win numerous lucrative benefits for your business. 

UX design benefits for SMBs and enterprises

1. Reduced dev costs

Did you know that the actual cost of your project without well-built UX is higher? According to Forrester research, businesses that invest in user experience report reduced customer acquisition costs and lower support expenses. A user-centered approach saves money, time, and effort to rework throughout design and development. Early usability tests identify design aspects that cause mistakes. If not tested with real users, these problems might otherwise be ignored and lead to costly development work throughout a project at a later stage.

You will reinstall product features a few times until they’re right without following a correct UX design methodology. Before you determine what solution you want to develop, your dev team will experiment with numerous options.

UX design allows you to explore and test numerous ideas in a cost-effective, low-risk manner before the development process begins. This activity saves great time and money for organizations.

What’s more, if you don’t involve UX designers in a project, their role is frequently performed by business analysts or developers. Although engineers are professionals, they are not designers, and they can’t deliver great results like the UX designer would. There are also plenty of reasons why hiring a UX researcher might be a smart choice and can significantly help your business.

2. Customer satisfaction and loyalty

When you surf the Internet, you’re naturally more drawn to the websites that provide a positive user experience rather than sites that have a pleasant visual design but inconvenient navigation. Am I right?

When thinking of better solutions for your customers, put yourself in their shoes. Your visitors are already busy with everyday problems, so make their life easier by providing a great experience with your resource. There won’t be many profitable interactions on a website that has low usability.

It is simple: the easier and more exciting it is to use your product, the more people will want to use it, making them more likely to do so. A great UX and UI may be a competitive advantage for your brand so work on it. Eventually, you will not only get tons of positive reviews but will earn customer loyalty for many years. 

3. Increased number of new users

What can be more significant for a business than attracting new client opportunities? A good UX design can help you generate more leads. How? You should deeply understand your buyer personas and what they want. Using the knowledge of their preferences, interests, and dislikes combined with thorough market research, designers may come up with the most suitable and workable product solutions that users will love. This includes a clean prototype, convenient navigation, and efficient information architecture.

4. Increased conversion

Large corporations with a global reputation state that by merely focusing on the user experience, you can generate more conversions and assure profitable growth. UX design concepts may help you boost conversion rates and income by 400% !

If you have a bunch of new users, you potentially have multiplied conversions! As a result, improving consumer contact with a resource, service, or product will result in greater revenues. Overcomplicated design, extra stages in the customer journey, and confusing calls to action are all certain ways to annoy visitors. If there are no visitors, there are no conversions.

A good user experience is meant to do the opposite. When visitors can naturally find what they're searching for by smoothly engaging with your design, both of you win.

5. Long-term relationships (many users return to you)

You must acquire credibility with your customers to establish steady relationships with them in the future. However, it takes time to build long-term relations. Younger generations are becoming more trusting of major digital businesses that place UX design at the heart of everything they do, such as Google and Apple. Intriguingly, a reported 56% of customers under the age of 30 would prefer to utilize digital banking solutions supplied by Google or Apple if they were ever made available.

First impressions are crucial. Brands that appear good, with a clean, eye-catching, well-designed UX, will retain consumers' attention for longer, earning their long-term trust. 

You will also gain more chances to win the investors over. It is hard to persuade others to trust your "new" concept if it’s of poor quality. However, everything will go much smoother with a beautiful design. A larger part of investors unconsciously lean more towards a finished look concept.

More than objectives, funnels, and calls to action, if your visitors do not interact with your website or app engagingly, all of your other methods will be futile. As a result, it is critical for a business to drive strong design and style decisions aimed at increasing user involvement.

6. Return on investment

Nearly all company processes are income-generated, and UX design isn’t an exception. When you create a marketing plan , analyze whether your current enterprise UX design is a promising and cost-effective investment to make. Spending money on user experience today generates a lot of money later.

Nowadays more and more businesses quickly explore the benefits of user experience and recognize that UX research and development are capable of making large investment returns. You will know for sure how to utilize your software when it is effectively designed. As a bonus, tons of customer support and ticketing agents are being saved for you! 

7. Increased revenue

At first sight, the connection between UX and profit is not clear, but straightforward to estimate. Products with a strong user experience impact the development cost and even the market worth of an undertaking. 75% of the users evaluate a website based on its aesthetic appeal. Conversions greatly depend on a user-friendly interface that satisfies customers’ requirements.

Experience study indicates that customer attention raises its interest in money by 14.4%, its willingness to suggest your brand to others by 16.6%, and its desire for change to another brand by 15.8%. When satisfying users, product or service sales grow. If a company increases sales by way of advertising artificially, the advantage will not endure long. Rather than depending too much on publicity, it is always a more promising method to increase organic involvement. You can see more clearly the future of the product. 


Good UX design may drive your website to the top of the search engines and bring a lot of lucrative benefits for your business, no matter if you are a new player or already well established on the market.

When someone visits your website, they should have a clear sense that they are in the proper location and should not require any navigation directions. In addition, the design of your website should be attractive but not tedious.

If you get the UX right, the payoffs are significant. Those include a better consumer experience, improved trust, devotion to your brand, and a dramatic domination of the market.

Are you in search of professional UX designers? Mentalstack will create exceptional UX design concepts for your business so users have the most convenient and efficient interaction with your products! Contact us right now.

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