We create experiences

We are focused on creative and results-driven solutions and cover the full cycle of software development from business analysis to final product

Web development
We were built on the idea that businesses need digital solutions that are just as unique as the businesses themselves. Let us deal with the complexity of the modern front-end development and create an amazing website with a great user experience for you. Custom development is exactly what it sounds like: technology developed specifically for your business’s needs. Need to build a fast, scalable and secure application written in ASP.NET, Node.js or Java? Our experienced developers are here to help.
Mobile apps development
Mobile app design and development are essential components to almost every single business today. From employees to customers, mobile apps make it possible for people to stay constantly connected and productive. Having a mobile presence is becoming a barrier to entry in many industries, and an absolute necessity if you want to remain competitive. Want to create native or hybrid mobile application for iOS, Android or Windows platform? Our developers can help you.
AR/VR solutions
2016 has seen the introduction of several new entries into the AR and VR world, including Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. All of them offer an interesting and compelling glimpse into the new realities and new opportunities. But they’re also all clearly early versions of a technology that you can tell is going to get significantly better over the next several years. In 2017, we expect to see some major improvements in the world of AR and VR headsets, as well as the range and quality of content, entertainment and business apps created for those devices.
Branding, Identity
Anyone can create a «good» logo, identity, brand. We prefer to create smart and memorable ones. Your journey to success doesn’t stop with building something awesome. Whether we’re inventing a new brand or rethinking an existing one, our main goal is the same — create a digital experience that serves a human purpose. A quick consult is usually the place to start. Tell us your brand story, and we’ll guide you on how to visually translate it for image-driven digital.
Project management
It doesn’t matter have you a distributed development team in different time zones which is hard to manage or you just want to build an app from scratch with the one team, you need a project manager who deal with planning and communications. Project management is the glue between customer and development team. We provide a team of expert engineers and project managers who work independently, while you continue to focus on your business development. Our team can plan, design, develop and execute a project with minimal client supervision.