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About the project

Singapore startup, where the idea is to make a revolution in a fragrance that finally allows you to fully express exactly who you are and asked users “What if you could then combine your personalized fragrances through layering to create infinite additional moods and settings?” This case should be done through the special wizard. That was a great idea and project really excited us. We’ve started design and development. The end result is a beautiful app that makes to think differently about your perfume.


Since this is not an abstract product on the internet, and the end result users receive. We also needed to develop a unique branding for the product. We have designed boxes, packages, cards, bottles and much more. To make brand memorable we’ve selected as a combination of black and red, a combination of these colors is very accurate. Sensual, vibrant red highlights and complements the elegant and discreet black. Was also developed the concept and design for gifts, users can create not only personally fragrance for themselves and give loved ones to create and personalize their own fragrance.

Project details

This project was developed from design to deploy. During preparing the design, we have decided with deployment platform and choosing the AWS, immediately was created the CI/CD platform to make the development process easier and deliver changes to the customer, as far as it’s done. A team of developers was involved in the development, the main task of which was to develop an assistant to create fragrances, the fragrance wizard. The wizard helps in the creation of your own fragrance, a user can select type, mood, ingredients and customize bottle. Once created, any user can easily look at your choice, any flavor can be reserved by again in a single click. Also, we have created admin side, where perfumers can add new combinations of notes and flavors to everyone, even the most sophisticated user got its own unique fragrance.
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