UI/UX Design, Web Development

About the project

Vidalytics is an end-to-end video platform built for marketers. It hosts, streams and gives you simple, yet powerful video analytics not found anywhere else. Making it easy for you to increase your conversions, sales and grow your business. It is like X-ray vision for your video’s performance – putting the most important marketing intel right at your fingertips.

Project details

Regarding the project description we realized that a number of analytical information requires a very careful approach by the UI/UX. Developed a unique design which would allow users of all devices equally easy to track analytics, no matter if it’s a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Also, this task required non-standard approaches in web development were used libraries, such as D3 and Google Charts. In frontend development used Angular 2.4 framework, latest at that moment. All this has allowed us to display the analytics right above the video, and the customer can watch online and track the points that need to be improved to get more views.
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