Ultra Weather

Mobile Development, UI/UX Design

About the project

In that app, you can find all kinds of information about the weather forecast that you wish. It’s a solid weather app, offers unrivaled, high-quality, detailed information including time range between three-hour – five-day forecast, including temperature, direction and wind speed, atmospheric pressure, precipitation amount and probability and relative humidity. Weather forecast as a graph for easy viewing, weather alerts, global satellite and animated radar for the USA, Australia, Europe Russia and much more.

Project details

This is our first mobile app, weather apps quite a lot, but our goal was to create a custom design, lay its convenience, ease of use and functionality. Quickly downloadable maps show snow, precipitation, cloudiness, and color convey the intensity of precipitation at the moment, and the next day forward. Another feature of our app was a changing background, it takes a shade of dark when it’s cold and lighter when warm and Sunny weather, it is sufficient to glance at the app to understand what’s the weather like. All these advantages make this application very attractive.

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