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About the project

Our client came to us with an idea to build an innovative product which could be easily adapted to any retail business, brand or product line. Based on AR technology this app should help in-store consultants to strengthen and enliven communication with customers: face recognition and AR tools allow to try a range of products without applying them to the face. Gorgeous design, perfect performance and simple integration process – these were the main requirements for such a smart project.

Project details

Working on the designs we focused on the client’ requirements to see a native, beautiful and strict interface. We chose a color scheme that would be advantageously set off different shades of cosmetics products and made them truly attractive.
Since the app has a number of interactive tools such as face recognition, AR and voice assistant, it was critical to find reliable solutions with a proper functionality. Having being embedded into the app, they now provide a smooth and fast workflow.
Our client wanted to get a proof of concept version to present it to the retailers and brands. Keeping this in mind we created this app serverless as its limited data could be stored and processed on a front-end. Later on, we rebuilded the application in such a way that all data went directly through the API for easy and smooth integration with any back-end system.
See the detailed case on Behance
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