Jack Jenkins

Brand Identity, Creative Direction

About the project

We have got invited from digital marketing consultant and growth strategist, Jack Jenkins. He asked us to create a personal logo and brand for him. The value proposition was: extreme business growth through creativity, insight and high-performance marketing. Color palette: Green – growth, and Blue – insights, and intelligence. Our first ideas were used Wordmark as Bold feel – thick stroke, all capitals or dynamic – oblique text. Also, thought about a stylized graphical version of the head with over-ear headphones – “hacker” look. But the better idea – an icon – JJ simple and elegant.

Project details

In the process of creating, the logo was drawn, there are no random lines, every detail has been meticulously designed and matched to each other, colors, shapes, layout. The Logo we see two letters JJ, which are sharp and symbolize rapid growth, the sharpness of mind. That should show Jack’s customers, about the seriousness of his intentions and professionalism in this field. All these thoughtful little things will help him in developing his own startup.
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