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A skateboard brand founded in 2006. They have a store – Skateshop, where presented a whole range of top brands in the skateboard industry. A large selection of comfortable and stylish shoes and clothes from the world’s brands will please everyone. In 2011, they decided to create their own brand of the self-titled and turned to us for help, in the same year was released the first batch of boards “Boardak” already used branding, which has been developed by our team.


We are still working with them and developed them more than 20 different designs of skateboards and parts, such as wheels, keys, grip tape, which are enjoyed great popularity among skateboarders. We are not limited to development of design boards. Also, have been developing a series of caps and bags for skateboards with the same brand. At the moment, the guys are building a skate park and we will definitely help them in the design!

Project details

A brand needs to be recognized as among ordinary people and among skateboarders, of course, we took as a basis the skateboard and placed it in the circle, which symbolizes perfection and completeness. Text the name of the brand was created separately, this is not a font as you could think, each letter was drawn separately and combined in a single composition. It was an interesting experience in lettering and we’d be happy to repeat it.
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