Why Do You Need a Designer on a Project

28 Oct 2016, By: Kirill Karahainko

Hello, dear readers of the Mentalstack blog.

Today I would like to tell you why you simply cannot do without a graphic designer on the project or in your workshop and show you with examples why even the application packed with functionalities, having complex business logic and advanced back-end looks insignificant and resembles an amateur handicraft.

Clients often ask us to redesign their product or to design it from scratch. Now to enliven our article with pictures and make it more understandable we will look at several products (in the format of ‘before’ and ‘after’), which we received without design or with a poor one.

For a start let’s define who designer is and his role in the project. Surely, you have heard debates about excellent UX of a product or poor UI of a web-site. But what do they mean? These constructive processes were often combined but though they both are the part of designing process they are still completely different.

UX is more analytical and technical area and assures that the use of elements of an application or web-site is well-thought and user-friendly. UI is closer to the concept of graphic design, i.e. graphic expression of an application or site and often one is followed by another.

In my opinion, UX and UI are among the most valuable components in present-day product development, both are crucial for success as they represent the product’s ‘face’. Today almost in every subject area we will find at least several successful players, they struggle for the user by possible and impossible means. The user has a choice and his requests increase accordingly - the product quality improves and advertising budgets run up. Among two applications with similar functionalities the one with nice and user-friendly interface will benefit and sometimes users may prefer comfort to functionality.

That’s why Mentalstack involves designer in every project and application and site development starts with working out an efficient architecture and approval of a design. Interface projecting begins with modeling (UX), and then our designer proceeds to drawing and visual execution (UI). We use the latest Adobe software only and guarantee the project quality and success.

If you would like to start a new business or automation the current one or you have any questions, you are welcome contact us at any time via email mailto:hello@mentalstack.com or Skype kirill.karahainko.

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