As app development hits an all-time high and more and more apps are hitting the app stores, it is becoming increasingly important to make your app stand out from the rest. To attract the attention of customers, you need to have an exceptional design that appeals to user’s interests and needs.

Many people are lured into a false sense of security when it comes to app design. If you’re of the view that app design is easy, you couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s somewhat of an art that is really easy to get wrong.

Let’s take a look at the five most common mistakes that app designers make.

Five Common App Design Mistakes

1) Ignoring user experience

This simply has to be the most frequent, and most serious, mistake that inexperienced developers make. Your end user should be put at the center of your app throughout the development process. The reason you’re developing the app is to meet the needs of an end user. If you don’t design your app around that end user, you ultimately fail.

Developers all too often get caught up in what they want the app to achieve as opposed to considering the experiences of the people who will actually be using the app.

To avoid making this mistake, you need to ensure you follow a user-centered approach to app development. Consider who your end user is, the types of apps they typically use, and what they want to get out of your app. This will help you to develop a more effective user interface that your users will come back to time and time again. Check our 15 Top Tips for Creating Jaw-Dropping UX to know more secrets of our proficients designers.

2) Attempting to migrate an iOS app to Android

As we established in five reasons to invest in Android development, iOS and Android are very different platforms, and an app that works well on iOS will not necessarily behave in the same way on Android. Apps should be designed with the platform on which they will feature in mind.

During the design process, you should pay specific attention to the specifics of each platform and ensure that the user experience of your app is tailored to the way in which that platform behaves.

3) Not sticking to budget and time constraints

Of course, you can’t beat perfection when it comes to designing a mobile app. However, it is also incredibly important that your project progresses according to the required timeline and budget. The longer your app is delayed, the higher the chance that the competitive edge you are hoping to access by launching the app will slip away.

In addition, you should ensure that you keep the functionality and complexity of the app within the constraints of your budget

4) Too much complexity

When it comes to app design, simple really is best. When you’re designing your app, don’t forget that it will be used on a phone. And the majority of phones are small. There’s only so much you can fit on a phone screen before it becomes difficult for the user to navigate.

Fight your inner temptation to deliver a graphically complex app and keep it as simple as possible. Your user needs to be able to access the main functions with just the touch of a finger.

When it comes to app design, less really is more.

5) Failing to secure feedback

When you’re in the process of design, always remember the fact that you are biased. Of course, you think your app is great… but do other people?

If you do not elicit feedback from your end users, you can’t know for sure that it does meet their needs as you originally intended. And if you don’t meet the end users’ needs, you don’t deliver a great experience and app will earn nothing.

Get feedback from as many people as possible. This will help you to identify areas for improvement, to test that the application is working as per your expectations, and identify any mistakes that need correcting. It is only when your end users give you the thumbs up that you know your work is ready for the app store.

Want to avoid design mistakes?

When it comes to app design, you need the help of experts. If you want to ensure you get it right the first time and avoid the mistakes that inexperienced app developers all too often make, you will benefit from talking to our design team at Mentalstack.

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