The usual customer plan looks like “let the developer speak and then judge whether he/she is a perfect match or not”. That’s quite workable if you know the qualities of a successful specialist. Here at Mentalstack, LLC we have been working with web, desktop, mobile projects, UI/UX and graphic design for years. Based on our experience in collaboration with clients around the globe and analysis of growing fast IT market, we have found how to define a top web or mobile developer. Check if that is someone you are working with.

1. Look at the previous feedbacks

Our team has almost 100% score of satisfaction rating from the clients. The secret is that we treat our clients as business partners. Often we work with the same clients on additional services, new projects, and applications. This long-term collaboration saves from 100 to 200 percent in comparison with the same services offered by other web and mobile app design and development companies.

Strategic partnership is based on a shared set of values. Benigno Aquino III

2. Check the relevant experience

No matter the design or development needs, Mentalstack has the team of experts in place to handle the project. We are not afraid of working with cutting-edge technologies VR, AR, MR, machine learning, bots, etc. Here is the technologies stack we use to achieve our goals:

  • Web&Desktop

JavaScript, C#, TypeScript, PHP

Backend: .NET Core, Node.js, Symfony, Laravel, Yii

Frontend: Angular.js, React.js, Backbone.js

  • Mobile

iOS: Objective-C, Swift

Android: Java, Kotlin

  • Databases


  • Design

UI: Modern guidelines; know the font magic and the lure color combinations; semi-flat, generative and other styles; a brave mixture of approaches; animation; totally custom design.

UX: User-friendly, convenient and jaw-dropping UX.

3. Ask about the professional values

“We are an agency founded with a team that truly loves the work we do and that passion translates to our exceptional customer service and project expertise” – says Kirill Karahainko, CEO of Mentalstack, LLC. “Our clients are also able to have considerable savings when collaborating with our company, that is why we truly live by the motto – it’s not required to pay much for a high-class solution.”

4. Know more about the working process


Mentalstack stands behind the quality of their applications and ensures their work through multiple testing. In addition to all the upfront work the company does to gather clients’ requirements, clients are able to see how things are progressing and are able to add new ideas, make changes, and add comments at any time. To ensure the highest level of customer service, each client has a personal manager that guides them throughout the project and engages them in planning and communicating with the project team.

Who is a top developer then?

Finding a web or mobile app development team is not that difficult. It is all about finding the right one for your business as that can be tricky. As a committed partner, Mentalstack is not only working in the field of app development but do care about customer business aims. We have an experience in such business domains as insurance, banking, social platforms, healthcare, e-commerce, human resources, media, crowdfunding, trading, and others.

Finding a proper partner is more important than saving a few thousand bucks. Our clients

The right partner can add value in more ways than just development, which will help you to maximize revenues for your app business.Furthermore, protect you from some fuss later on, as a warranty comes with every single app they craft.


Imagine you are cooking a pie for your family. The most important thing for you will not just to complete it, but to make it delicious, tasty, beautiful. You want to please them, to make them happy, to like your work. The same is here, you are looking for a partner that is involved your business interests and thinking of the end users. Every app we at Mentalstack cook, we cook it for our families.

We all have different timetables in reaching and realizing that being in healthy partnership is better than being on our own. Hill Harper

Have a development dream?

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