Top-5 Design Tools Professional Should Have at Disposal

According to the old adage, a poor carpenter blames his tools. But what can a skilled carpenter who has the right tools available at his disposal achieve? Like any job, user experience designers can benefit from using a great set of tools that improve their workflow and make their lives much easier.


How to Choose a Cloud Computing Provider Correctly

Since the early days of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) back in 2006, cloud computing has come a very long way. What started off as a basic service has evolved into a comprehensive offering that includes a range of functionality as real-time analytics, database as a service, and computing. Cloud computing is also no longer… Read more »


How to Find a Top Web or Mobile Developer

The usual customer plan looks like “let the developer speak and then judge whether he/she is a perfect match or not”. That’s quite workable if you know the qualities of a successful specialist. Here at Mentalstack, LLC we have been working with web, desktop, mobile projects, UI/UX and graphic design for years. Based on our experience in collaboration… Read more »


CI & CD using TeamCity

Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). It automatically downloads a project from the repository, carries out a given procedure and deploys the obtained results to the remote server.

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