The Cost of App Development in a Nutshell

So, you’ve come up with a ground-breaking app that is set to take the world by storm. The next step? Developing it. This is the point at which you’ll turn your attention to the cost of app development. How much can you feasibly expect to pay? What factors will contribute to the total cost? And… Read more »


How to Find a Top Web or Mobile Developer

The usual customer plan looks like “let the developer speak and then judge whether he/she is a perfect match or not”. That’s quite workable if you know the qualities of a successful specialist. Here at Mentalstack, LLC we have been working with web, desktop, mobile projects, UI/UX and graphic design for years. Based on our experience in collaboration… Read more »


Transparent Project Management

How often do you hear such questions from a developer: “What should I do now?”, “When will we have the release/build?”. Also a QA can ask: “How should I test that?” or a client may wonder: “With whom can I discuss this?”, “How does my application work?”. Such questions indicate that the work on a… Read more »

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