How Apps Earn Money

How apps earn money is all pretty simple really. Here’s our guide to the money-making opportunities that are out there. One only needs to look at the revenues apps like Candy Crush and Tinder are attracting to arrive at the conclusion that apps can make a ton of cash.


Why Free Apps Are The Biggest Earners

Is it really possible to make money from the free apps? Take a quick look at the Apple Store app charts, and something becomes immediately obvious: none of the most downloaded apps cost a cent. At face value, they’re free to download and use.


The Cost of App Development in a Nutshell

So, you’ve come up with a ground-breaking app that is set to take the world by storm. The next step? Developing it. This is the point at which you’ll turn your attention to the cost of app development. How much can you feasibly expect to pay? What factors will contribute to the total cost? And… Read more »


Five Reasons to Invest in the Android Development

Developing Android apps is a whole different beast to iOS app development, and it is fraught with its own challenges and complexities. However, it also reaps many benefits, including all the advantages of the Android infrastructure.


Is an Augmented Reality Really on the Cards

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll know only too well of the phenomenal capabilities of augmented reality (AR). AR technologies are spreading like wildfire, and it’s easy to see why.


Using Electron to Develop Cross-Platform Apps

The biggest dream of a customer is the approach Develop Once – Run Anywhere that means that you pay once for the development and get an application for three platforms at once: “Windows”, “Linux”, “Mac OS”.


CI & CD using TeamCity

Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). It automatically downloads a project from the repository, carries out a given procedure and deploys the obtained results to the remote server.

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