Virtual Reality for Brands: The Future Awaits

Virtual reality (VR) can be a pretty overwhelming concept, especially when you contemplate the major growth anticipated over the coming years. Analysts predict that VR-related software and hardware revenues could reach a massive $37 billion by 2020. If you combine this with the associated technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality, the global… Read more »


How Big Data and Machine Learning Impact the Future of Marketing?

Data has been a cornerstone of marketing for many years; however, in more recent times, the sheer volume of data that is available to marketers has exponentially increased. While this is all well and good, the data that is available is largely unstructured. This means that the amazing insights it holds are often hidden and… Read more »


How the Internet of Things is Transforming Medical Care

Many industries have begun to see the transformative effect of the Internet of Things (IoT). A development that has opened multiple opportunities for businesses and benefited the consumer. One key growth market in which IoT applications are having a huge impact is that of the healthcare industry. The software and devices there are transforming how… Read more »


Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality: the Next Big Thing

As developers of cutting-edge technologies, here at Mentalstack, we know how incredibly captivating AR and VR applications can be. Nothing can quite compete with the experience you offer someone when you immerse them in a virtual and even augmented world.  The potential of these awe-inspiring technologies knows no bounds.


How to Choose a Cloud Computing Provider Correctly

Since the early days of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) back in 2006, cloud computing has come a very long way. What started off as a basic service has evolved into a comprehensive offering that includes a range of functionality as real-time analytics, database as a service, and computing. Cloud computing is also no longer… Read more »


How Artificial Intelligence Transforms the Healthcare Industry

In the United Kingdom researchers successfully deployed four AI algorithms that were found to be more effective than human doctors at predicting a heart attack. Find out what artificial intelligence technologies boost healthcare apps today.


Android Oreo Update Certainly Packs a Punch

Android users have been getting very excited in response to Android’s latest operating system—the rather temptingly named Oreo. But is it as sweet as its name suggests?


A Quick and Simple Guide to the iOS 11 for App Developers

Last fall, Apple rolled out its latest iOS 11 update and users were delighted to uncover a whole host of new features and functionality. As for app developers, there is enough time passed since the release but too many questions still coming out. That’s the reason we made this simple guide.


The Difference Between ARKit and ARCore in a Nutshell

Wondering about the difference between ARKit and ARCore actually means for your next app? Look no further. We could bore you senseless with a ton of statistics on the rising popularity of augmented reality; there’s actually no need. If you were looking for a sign that augmented reality is here to stay, you need look… Read more »

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