As developers of cutting-edge technologies, here at Mentalstack, we know how incredibly captivating AR and VR applications can be. Nothing can quite compete with the experience you offer someone when you immerse them in a virtual and even augmented world.  The potential of these awe-inspiring technologies knows no bounds.

There are no two ways about it. When it has a great execution, virtual reality is beyond impressive. So then, why are so many people now turning their attention to the much newer kid on the block, augmented reality (AR)?


Given the massive investment that VR has attracted from the likes of Google, you’d be forgiven for thinking that AR is, quite simply, much less important. The reality? It isn’t.

In fact, if you look at the numbers, you’ll soon see that AR isn’t second in line to VR, it’s paving the way to the future while VR treads carefully in its path.

The Future Breakthrough Technology

According to Business Insider, the combined value of the VR and AR market will reach a staggering $162 billion by 2020!

That’s big business, and you’re going to want a piece of the pie.

However, here’s what you probably don’t know. AR is set to play a leading role in the future of VR. The reason for this is simple: While VR is irrefutably impressive, it’s not yet the finished article. In fact, VR has a long way to go. AR, on the other hand, is ripe and ready for success right here, right now.

Experts are predicting that the future monetization of VR will rely heavily on the monetization of AR.

Think of all those apps that are earning big money… Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, Tinder. These apps have attracted millions of users, and they are only at the tip of the iceberg.

VR has its flaws. It is still quite unwieldy, and it can get pretty expensive. What’s more, those who do venture into a virtual world are only able to do so for a very limited time. For now, at least, AR has many practical applications that pervade life as we know it. The applications of AR are immensely widespread. It has already been used to great effect in the healthcare, education, and manufacturing industries and its applications are limitless.

And all the big names are keen to get a slice of the action. In fact, they are been investing in AR for quite some time.

Although less publicized than some of the major investments made in VR technologies, companies like Microsoft have been pouring some serious cash into augmented reality through a series of acquisitions and hardware investments such as HoloLens.

There’s also rumor abound that AR will feature in up-and-coming technologies such as self-driving cars and interactive shopping experiences.

Win Jackpot

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