Last fall, Apple rolled out its latest iOS 11 update and users were delighted to uncover a whole host of new features and functionality. As for app developers, there is enough time passed since the release but too many questions still coming out. That’s the reason we made this simple guide.

As if you’re an app developer who has yet to hit the update button, you may be wondering what’s in store and what it may mean for your app. Here is our guide to iOS 11 for you.

A Guide to iOS 11 for App Developers

According to Apple’s annual WWDC, the iOS 11 update contains improvements to Siri, enhanced Maps, and Apple Pay Cash. However, it’s the augmented reality integration that has really got everyone excited.

If you’re the type of iPhone user who uses your phone for basic everyday tasks, it’s unlikely that you will notice any major changes after you update your device to iOS 11.

However, if you’re an app developer or are interested in publishing apps, iOS 11 features a ton of functionality that you really need to be aware of. Let’s have a look at what’s in store in iOS 11 for app developers.

1) Videos instead of screenshots


At the moment, Apple allows developers to add up to five screenshots to product descriptions in the app store. However, following the iOS 11 roll-out, Apple is allowing developers to use videos as opposed to the traditional screenshots. This helps developers to more quickly and easily communicate the where, who, what, and why of the app in a visually compelling way. This system is great because it allows developers to really show off what their apps can do.

2) Prominent reviews

With a range of cutting-edge apps hitting the store on a daily basis, reviews are becoming increasingly important. Following the iOS ll update, reviews now feature much more prominently in the store. Users no longer have to flip to another tab to read a review, they can see the reviews front and center as they scroll. In addition, app developers can respond to any reviews they have received and engage in proactive conversations with people who have left feedback. To access the feature, developers will first need to secure approval. Once approved, the developer can add his or her comments under any review. As soon as the developer has left a review, the individual who posted the feedback will receive a notification. The user can also modify the rating they left following communication with the developer if they wish to do so. To make the most of this feature, developers will need to ensure they remain up to date with all comments and respond promptly. In some cases, engaging in purposeful dialogue with your users may be enough to improve the app’s rating.

3) App rating changes


Following the iOS rollout, app developers can no longer actively request a user to rate their app. In light of the important role, app ratings play in the extent to which an app gains exposure and visibility within the app store, Apple has created its own API that will allow users to leave feedback on apps and attribute a rating to them. Users will now face a simple pop-up tool through which they can rapidly rate the application without having to leave the app. The pop-ups will appear no more than three times a year as users engage with the app. As soon as a user has rated it, the pop-up will disappear for good.

What Will the iOS 11 Update Mean for Your Applications?

We are not giving you a reason to develop Android apps, but there’s a strong risk that the new iOS update will impact how your existing apps work. That is why you may encounter a range of bugs that you had not anticipated. Fortunately, we have the expertise to help you fix any problems you encounter. Our expert team of developers will take a look under the hood of your app, rapidly find out what’s causing the problems, and tell you exactly what you need to do to fix them.

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