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Virtual Reality for Brands: The Future Awaits

Virtual reality (VR) can be a pretty overwhelming concept, especially when you contemplate the major growth anticipated over the coming years. Analysts predict that VR-related software and hardware revenues could reach a massive $37 billion by 2020. If you combine this with the associated technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality, the global revenue grows at a CAGR of 181.3% to reach in excess of $162 billion by 2020. In fact, the future of VR is so bright that experts anticipate it will eclipse TV revenue by 2025.

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How the New iPhone X is Making UX Design Complex

Apple dropped something of a bombshell back in September when they presented the latest iteration of the best selling smartphone, the iPhone X (AKA the “iPhone ten”). The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, called it the “biggest leap forward since the original iPhone” and, true to his word, the iPhone X feels like a completely different device to those that came before it.

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How the Internet of Things is Transforming Medical Care

Many industries have begun to see the transformative effect of the Internet of Things (IoT). A development that has opened multiple opportunities for businesses and benefited the consumer. One key growth market in which IoT applications are having a huge impact is that of the healthcare industry. The software and devices there are transforming how people connect while facilitating the delivery of high-end medical care and solutions.

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Are You Making These Common App Design Mistakes?

As app development hits an all-time high and more and more apps are hitting the app stores, it is becoming increasingly important to make your app stand out from the rest. To attract the attention of customers, you need to have an exceptional design that appeals to user’s interests and needs.

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Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality: the Next Big Thing

As developers of cutting-edge technologies, here at Mentalstack, we know how incredibly captivating AR and VR applications can be. Nothing can quite compete with the experience you offer someone when you immerse them in a virtual and even augmented world.  The potential of these awe-inspiring technologies knows no bounds.

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How to Choose a Cloud Computing Provider Correctly

Since the early days of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) back in 2006, cloud computing has come a very long way. What started off as a basic service has evolved into a comprehensive offering that includes a range of functionality as real-time analytics, database as a service, and computing. Cloud computing is also no longer limited to Amazon. Other major organizations have come to the party including Microsoft and Google.

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